Roman Army
Armor &
Roman Army Webquest
Dr. Melissa Schons Bishop
Boston Latin School
The Task

Using the internet resources to the left, you must provide the following documents to Vercingetorix:

1.  A map of the Roman army's camp with directions to Caesar's headquarters from an identifiable spot on the map
2. A drawing of the standards carried by the Romans, which you have stolen, being the master spy that you are
3. A hand-drawn picture of a legionary, based on your sneaky observation
4.  A copy of Caesar's plan for tomorrow's attack, so that Vercingetorix can foil Caesar's plans

Your commander's name is Vercingetorix, a famous army leader from Gallia (ancient France).  The infamous Julius Caesar has invaded your territory and set up his camp near your army's headquarters.  Vercingetorix has chosen you to be his spy so that the Gallic forces can learn as much as possible about their opponents' armies & fighting styles before tomorrow's engagement.
The Process
Use the links to your left AND this link from your FR7 web page to locate the information you need to build the documents your spy report must contain.

All the links will open in a new browser window.
Your work will be evaluated by the rubric
from your packet (last page)
Be sure you turn your rubric in with your project - or you will get no credit!!!
Conclusion (50 points)

Type this journal entry - it should be between 1/2 and 1 page, a minimum of 5 sentences, double spaced, 12 point font, margins of 1 inch on the left & right, 1.5 inches top & bottom.

Journal Topic: Write a journal entry about your day as a spy.  What was difficult about your task and what was easier than you expected?  Why?  How effective does the Roman army seem, based on your espionage?   Will the Romans succeed in their attack tomorrow?  Why or why not?