Over 700 websites about Latin, indexed by topic and searchable

Ancient World Web
Organized by topic, focus is on history and culture

Cambridge University  External Gateway to Classics on the Web
The BEST webpage I've found that is hosted by a classics department.  Amazing collections of links, wonderful navigation.  Includes wonderful collection of metapages.

Centaur Systems Links
A useful compendium of links from a provider of educational software in the classics. 

Cives Romani Web Ring
Web ring about Roman culture and society. 

Classics & Mediterranean Archaeology Links from University of Michigan
Searchable index, lots of links, large site.  Last updated September 25, 2000.

Classics at Ad Fontes Academy
Contains Latin Library with links to electronic texts of most major authors.  Good reference links to other sites

Classics Collections - University of Florida
A personal favorite of mine  well-organized, attractive site with good collections of links

Corax Zone -  from Purdue
Another personal favorite.  You'll need to scroll through to see his topics, but what a list!  Very useful and contains good links to resources for teachers as well.

Dead Romans
Focuses on links about coins and a virtual tour of Rome  small but well-done and fun.  Includes great list of links to other sites as well.

Electronic Resources for Classicists:  Maria Pantelia's List
Now housed at TLG  one of the first and still one of the best gateways into the practical field of classics.  Not as useful for topical research as some, but worth learning one's way around.

Forum Antiquum  from Eric Kondratieff at University of Pennsylvania
Visually gorgeous, excellent layout.  Great organization of topics and sub-topics, but there are a significant number of broken links.  However, the unbroken links make the use of the site worthwhile.

Forum Romanum
Interesting website with links to some unusual places.

ICC Classics Links:  from University of Indiana
Great collection of links  visually very simple but list of topics is awesome  includes useful links to sites with images and resources for web page development.

Internet Resources for Classics by Marshall Davies Lloyd
Great site  lovely selection of topics listed at the top and very easy to navigate.  I love this site.  An excellent supplement for high school Latin topics.

John Porter's Links: from University of Saskatchewan
A treasure  a very selective but inclusive representation of links to useful and very educational websites. 

Kentucky Classics
Ross Scaife's site from University of Kentucky  a treasure trove of relevant sites and links.

KIRKE - Katalog der Internetressourcen fur die Klassische Philologie aus Erlangen
German Index to resources on the web - excellent & comprehensive resource

Latin Ring
Web ring of sites related to Latin and ancient Rome.  Interesting stuff here.

Link to Ancient Rome: Joe Shetler's Page
I love his organization and choice of topics.  Very useful gateway into Roman history, especially the Republic and Early Empire.

Links to Classical Material: Victoria University of Wellington
Includes categories such as: Hellas, The Roman World, Egypt and the Near East.  Great collection, but links are listed alphabetically, not topically within the above categories.

Library of Congress Greek & Latin Internet Resources
General overview divided into 5 categories: Classics Links of Broad Scope, Greek & Latin Classics Fields & Resources by Type, Classics Professional Resources, Greek & Latin Classics Texts, Classics in Universities, Colleges, Schools.  

Start here with a search  list of suggested topics is provided.

Mining Company - Ancient History
Similar to About.com  focus here is on ancient history

NM's Creative Impulse
Great set of links about ancient Rome organized under History and Art.  Just a lovely site.

Perseus Project
Online library of images and texts.

Good resource for use of computers and classics.

Rassegna Degli Strumenti Informatici Per Lo Studio Dell'antichità Classica
Italian gateway to the web.  Comprehensive & well-done.

Reading Classics Gateway:  University of Reading
Good organization  visually very easy to use.

Resources for Classical & Medieval Studies:  University of Waterloo
Easy to navigate, very large site.  Organized by what the user needs (i.e. grammar aids, travel grants, single author or topic sites), not by academic topic.

Ring of Classics
Classics web ring  lots of personal web pages and fun to browse. 

Bill Thayer's searchable archive from the Lacus Curtius site  huge and all-inclusive, but clearly designed and easy to navigate.  Excellent for archaeology, especially Italian sites outside of Rome.

Rome Project
The Dalton School's collection of links  organized topically.  Similar to Roman Forum in its inclusion of some eclectic and unusual sites.

Just an amazing place with tons of links to Ancient Rome.  Huge table of contents and easy to navigate.

Voice of the Shuttle
Absolutely enormous collection of links to topics in the humanities.  His classical studies links are well-organized and comprehensive.  Sites are listed alphabetically within large topic groupings. 

Web Research Tools: Bucknell University
A lovely gateway into research in classics on the web.  Practical, beautifully presented and easy to use.

Yahoo's Classics Links
Nicely presented, not as comprehensive as sites designed by teachers of classics.

Yale University - Gateway to Classics on the Web
Good general overview.  More a collection of gateways, electronic texts, departments and professional organizations than a gateway into topical areas.

Gateways &
This is an annotated, selected list of gateways into the cyber-classical world, listed alphabetically by title.  It is not intended to be comprehensive.  Gateways of classical sites are quite idiosyncratic and frequently cross-reference each other.  Also, many have not been updated in some time - don't be surprised to find some broken links.Use these sites as an entry point, but for your own peace of mind, be sure to bookmark the treasures you find - it can be tricky to retrace your steps once you begin to traverse the gateways.